4 Point Saturday?

Hey, friends.

Each Friday,  I send out an exclusive email about 4 awesome things (aka points) I’ve experienced during the week and would like to share. Well, I had a crazy busy week and so I’m dropping a 4 Point Saturday on you. A day late, but not a point short.

My intention with these 4 points is to provide you with perspective, inspiration, useful information and hopefully some laughs.

So without further ado, here is your 4 Point Friday Saturday and Thank You for Reading!

Popular social media post this week:

Everyone loves a heartfelt gift and family heirlooms. Click here.

Deep Thoughts by Coach P (not Jack Handy, lol):

Need a New Years Resolution Solution? Here is what I’m going with and I’m pumped about it! One Word.

  • Sidenotes: My personal One Word is LIGHT. Here is the Scripture God placed on my heart to go with it- Matthew 5:14-16. Every member of my immediate family is taking part in this One Word journey as well as some of my close friends (Iron sharpens Iron). Actually, my wrestling team chose One Word and it’s a guiding mantra for the team. The word the team chose is VISION. All of the wrestlers and coaches are using the hashtag #Vision on our social media posts.

Quote of the Week that has me Inspired:

Fresh Start to the New Year- Action and Tip:

This is what I’m doing in order to get a Fresh Start Physically this New Year. Click Here

By the way, did you know that it’s easier to add new positive habits when you stack them together? For example, maybe your starting a morning exercise program. Well, when you get up in the morning, start making the bed before you go workout. Now you have added two new positive habits that flow well together. Stacking habits is a great practice because it works!

God Bless,

Coach P

#Light #Vision