functional fitness

143. Kendric Maple- Mizzou Asst. Wrestling Coach | The Importance of Relationships, A Growth Mindset, and Fun in Sports.

In this episode, Coach P speaks with Coach Kendric Maple of the Mizzou Tigers Wrestling Program. Coach Maple is a 3 x D-1 All-American wrestler, a D-1 National Champion, and a 2 x U.S. Open Senior Level Champion. He’s also an Asst. Wrestling Coach for…

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120. Benjamin Loschen and Isaac Mertens of Flux Footwear | Change, Flow, and Grow

In this episode, Coach P speaks with Benjamin Loschen and Isaac Mertens, two of the founders of Flux Footwear. Ben and Isaac have founded several seven-figure businesses, are entrepreneurs at heart, and have joined forces to create Flux Footwear….

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104. Steven Sashen- CEO and Founder of Xero Shoes | Freedom, Fun, and Natural Motion

In this episode, Coach P speaks with Steven Sashen, the Founder and CEO of Xero Shoes. Steven is an All-American Gymnast, Masters All-American Sprinter, and with his wife, Lena, runs the company known as Xero Shoes. Steven and Lena have built Xero…

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