80. Amy Fearnside | USA Wrestling Athlete- Little Things Add Up to Big Results

In this episode, Coach P speaks with elite USA Wrestling athlete Amy Fearnside. Amy is a multi-time college All-American, University National Champion, and US Team Member. She is coming off a weekend of competing at the USA Olympic Team Trials and…

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77. Omi Acosta | National Championship Winning Coach for Life University/Care, Commit, Compete

In this episode, Coach P speaks with the amazing Coach Omi Costa from Life University in Georgia. Coach Acosta is fresh off winning an NAIA Wrestling National Title, and he shares his journey thus far. Coach Acosta grew up in the Dominican Republic…

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67. Mike Arone | Boston Scally Founder Co. on Quality, Culture, and Blue Collar Work Ethic

In this episode, Coach P talks with Mike Arone, Founder, and CEO, of the Boston Scally Company.  Mike grew up in the Boston area and fully embraced the culture of the city. His company, Boston Scally, creates high-quality flat caps, known as…

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