147. Brian King- Co-Owner of Titan Nutrition | Your Ultimate Guide to Nutrition, Wellness, and Self-Care

In this episode, Coach P speaks with Brian King, Co-Owner and Founder of Titan Nutrition.  During this conversation, Brian shares his background as a college athlete, the genesis of Titan Nutrition, and his love for all things health and fitness….

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97. Dan Wernikoff | Champion Athletes Nutrition

In this episode, Coach P speaks with Dan Wernikoff of Champion Athletes nutrition. Dan is a certified sports nutritionist, working with middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.  During the conversation, Dan talks of his…

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70. Brandon LaRue | Well Built Humans

In this episode, Coach P speaks with Coach Brandon LaRue, CEO, and Founder of Well Built Humans. Brandon is a jack of all trades and master of more than one. During this conversation, Brandon shares the heart behind his company, Well Built Humans, and…

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