friday night lights

148. Dr. Nathanial “Coach” Hearne- Coach, Educator, and Speaker | Living a Life of Inspiration and Beating the Odds

In this episode, Coach P speaks with Dr. Nathanial Hearne, aka Coach Hearne. Coach Hearne is a coach, author, and renowned Zinglar-certified speaker/coach. Coach Hearne coached for the legendary Permian High School (Mojo Magic) in Texas during their…

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13. Pastor Venshard Dobbins of “The Potter’s House” speaks on race and redemption in America.

In this episode, Coach P has a candid conversation with Pastor Dobbins about Race and Redemption in America. This is a deep, vulnerable, and immensely valuable conversation. *** If you enjoy Coach P’s Perspective Podcast, please consider doing a few…

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10. Venshard Dobbins: Friday Night Football Lights to Sunday Glory!

In this episode, Coach P interviews Pastor Venshard Dobbins. Pastor Dobbins played football for the famous Odessa-Permian Panthers, aka MOJO Magic. This was during the “Friday Night Lights” era which turned into a best-selling book, movie, and TV…

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