148. Dr. Nathanial “Coach” Hearne- Coach, Educator, and Speaker | Living a Life of Inspiration and Beating the Odds

In this episode, Coach P speaks with Dr. Nathanial Hearne, aka Coach Hearne.

Coach Hearne is a coach, author, and renowned Zinglar-certified speaker/coach. Coach Hearne coached for the legendary Permian High School (Mojo Magic) in Texas during their reign as a state and national powerhouse. The acclaimed movie “Friday Night Lights” was made about this program, and the year’s Coach Hearne was involved. 

Coach went on to write the book “Friday Night Lights: The Untold Stories From Behind The Lights.” He has since retired from education and moved into ministry, speaking, and coaching through his program, Made Up Minds. 

During this conversation, Coach Hearne shares remarkable stories of inspiration, motivation, and overcoming hardships. It is incredible and moving! So, grab your notepad, pen, and let’s go!

You can learn more about Coach Hearne and pick up his book at the link below.

Inspirational nationwide speaker Ziglar certified (drnatehearne.com)


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