grandview university

163. Shut Up and Win | A Clear-Mind Strategy for Better Performance in All Areas of Life

In this episode, Coach P shares a clear-mind strategy he learned from 10 x National Championship-winning coach Jim Miller.  Shut up and Win! It’s not all about wins, but it is about reaching your full potential and performing your best. This…

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77. Omi Acosta | National Championship Winning Coach for Life University/Care, Commit, Compete

In this episode, Coach P speaks with the amazing Coach Omi Costa from Life University in Georgia. Coach Acosta is fresh off winning an NAIA Wrestling National Title, and he shares his journey thus far. Coach Acosta grew up in the Dominican Republic…

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40. \ 9 x National Championship Coach Nick Mitchell: Living a Championship Lifestyle

In this episode, Coach P speaks with Nick Mitchell, the Head Wrestling Coach at Grand View University. Coach Mitchell has built the Grand View wrestling program from the ground up and is one of the top coaches in the country. Here is a little of his…

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