jim miller

163. Shut Up and Win | A Clear-Mind Strategy for Better Performance in All Areas of Life

In this episode, Coach P shares a clear-mind strategy he learned from 10 x National Championship-winning coach Jim Miller.  Shut up and Win! It’s not all about wins, but it is about reaching your full potential and performing your best. This…

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48.\ Shut Up and Win: How to Help Yourself Stop Overthinking and Just Do It

In this episode, Coach P discusses a mindset he learned from 10 X National Championship Coach, Jim Miller. In sport and life, we often have the needed skill sets to succeed, but overthink everything, leading us to freeze up or underperform. Learning…

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39.\ 10 x NCAA National Championship Coach Jim Miller: Do It Anyway

In this episode, Coach P speaks legendary college wrestling coach, Jim “Milboy” Miller.  Here are just a few of Coach Miller’s accomplishments: 2 x D2 National Champion Wrestler 10 x NCAA D3 National Championships 7 x NCAA D3 National Dual…

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