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15. Transformational Coaching and Relational Leadership: How to become a transformational coach and build leadership skills.

In this episode, Coach P takes a deep dive into the world of coaching and what it takes to be a good coach/leader and build a great culture.  If you are a leader, then you need to become a great coach and this information is for you. The…

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12. Bend Don’t Break: How to wrestle with and grow from adversity.

In this episode, Coach P discusses ways to bend but not break when the storms or adversities of life hit.  *** If you enjoy Coach P’s Perspective Podcast, please consider doing a few things: Subscribe and then give it a 5-star rating on iTunes….

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11. Keys to Becoming a Champion: 5 keys to becoming a champion in wrestling (applies to all sports), business, and more.

In this episode, Coach P discusses 5 Keys to Becoming a Champion in sports, parenting, business, and life.  The 5 Keys: 1. Total Commitment. 2. Become a student of the game. 3. Outwork everyone. 4. Surround yourself with great coaches and…

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